01 May 2014
How To Keep Calm When You Move House
How To Keep Calm When You Move House
Are you planning on moving into a new house? Are you stressed, overworked and concerned about your moving day? Everyone feels the pressures of moving, but if you follow these tips you can work to stay calm on your moving day!1)    Plan ahead.The best way to keep calm on moving day is to know exactly what needs doing and when. If you make a schedule for your moving day then you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your moving day is easy and stress-free. You should know what time your moving company is arriving at, what needs to be loaded into the van first, where all of your emergency boxes and bags are and any other information that you think might be helpful. 2)    Hire help.A fantastic way to keep calm when moving is to ensure that you have the professional help that you need. There are lots of removal companies operating in and around your area, and all you have to do is find a reliable and comprehensive service that isn’t going to break the bank for you. Ask for recommendations of friends and family first, as this is a great way to find reliable help, but the internet can also be an invaluable tool. Make sure that you’re checking out customer reviews and comments so that you know that you’re hiring a dependable and experienced company. 3)    Make sure you know what you’re doing.Even if you have a schedule it’s easy to forget what jobs you’re supposed to be doing – especially if you’re moving with family or friends. Make sure you’re all on the same page when it comes to moving day. It might be worth setting different tasks to different people, especially if you’re struggling with time constraints, but make sure to check in to ensure that everyone is doing their job properly. 4)    Don’t leave everything to the last minute.There are lots of things that can’t be completed until the last minute if you’re moving house, but if you have all the other jobs taken care of then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Be aware of what last-minute jobs you’ll have to do and ensure that you have enough time to do them in. 5)    Take regular breaks on moving day.When your actual moving day finally arrives it’s important to take regular breaks if you want to keep yourself calm, cool and collected. It’s worth packing a bag of food for you and your family, so that you can all take a lunch break when moving. If you feel stressed or anxious on moving day then take a few moments to yourself – stress can cause accidents which could harm you or your belongings, so never move house when under duress! 6)    Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals.It’s normal to want to be able to move in quickly and with ease, but you shouldn’t set yourself unrealistic goals. It’s not practical to expect to be unpacked within just a few hours, and setting yourself tasks like this can only add to your stress levels. Think carefully about the time you have and the size of your job, and set yourself goals that are easily achievable so that you won’t have to worry or panic on moving day!

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