18Dec 2023
Definitely worth every penny and then some!
Donna Mcgee
13Nov 2023
Extremely reliable and amiable service provided by personnel who went beyond the call of duty to guarantee a hassle-free transition, prices were also very reasonable!
Violet S.
18Jul 2023
Home removals was made easy thanks to what the team from this company did for me. They made what was building up to be a stressful experience. Their efforts made a massive difference.
L. Livingstone
23Feb 2023
Our entire experience with the personnel from CamdenRemovals was beyond expectations - they treated our furniture kindly and the cost was superb. Many thanks for your assistance!
28Oct 2016
I have to say Moving Camden is one of the best companies we've worked with. We were moving our business to another building and we needed a fast and discreet office removals service. This is exactly what we got with these guys. They were very expedient and efficient and didn't interrupt our day-to-day operation. The price was also quite agreeable!
Ed Lyndon
15Jan 2015
What can I say? Just excellent moving services from CamdenRemovals. It was such a relief to have an awesome moving time come and do such an efficient and reliable job on my moving day. From everything to loading and unloading my furniture, the whole team were so responsible and trustworthy. Everything I own was safe and secure in their care. I'll definitely use your services again in the future and recommend you to my friends and family!
Harrison T.
17Dec 2014
A few days ago, I moved to a new home and I needed to find a reasonable removals company to help me with my domestic relocation. I searched the web for hours and struggled to find a company that was any good. Luckily, in the end CamdenRemovals came to the surface and I found them to be one of the best companies around. Their prices were good, their staff was great and their service was fantastic! Couldn't be happier.
18Sep 2014
CamdenRemovals did all my unpacking for me. I have never used an unpacking service before but I did this time and I was ever so happy! I recommend using a service as such. Although it seems funny, having professionals unpack for you can save you so much time. For me, time is precious because my career is my number one priority at the minute. Thanks for all your expertise, help and support!
Kate M.
07Jul 2014
Having used a couple of removals companies in the past, I was looking for someone with that little bit extra for my removal van hire. The team that I got form CamdenRemovals were incredibly efficient, hard working and really got on with the task at hand, no messing about! This is the kind of work force that I admire and want to use, so it will be well worth getting in touch with them for future removals, now that I know that they are so good! I'll be using them again, and would suggest that anyone else out there looking for a decent move should do too!
Ryan Long
02Jun 2014
Moved last week and it was so easy all thanks to CamdenRemovals. They arrived early and straight away they got stuck into this massive bundle of goods that needed shifting, It was a complete nightmare to look at, I was stressing like mad but thanks to this hardworking company, who are fazed by nothing by the way, we managed to get through it. They said that this was nothing compared to some houses that they have been too, don't know if that was only them being polite but it sure as hell made me feel a bit better!
21May 2014
CamdenRemovals were fab - all of their staff are tremendously helpful and accommodating. Them being pleasant made all the difference before and during moving day - and it didn't end when we'd paid, either. They rang us up for a chat to make sure we were happy and see whether we had any feedback (good or bad!). Extremely impressed with the staff who dealt with us - great drivers, great movers, lovely reps. Seemed energetic and passionate about their work no matter what! Really nice company to do business with - I'll be seeing them again I'm sure!
Roger Brinkler
08May 2014
There are so many things that can go wrong during a removal, that it is hard to know where you stand as go in to the process. In all seriousness, I would have been pretty lost if it was not for CamdenRemovals and their excellent help with the planning of the whole thing. It is a wonderful thing to be able to sit back and relax as they sort everything for you, but for them to then carry the whole thing off without so much as a bead of sweat passing their brow, well, it's nigh on remarkable! A fantastic team and a great effort, thank you!
Jonathon Harris
16Apr 2014
In the event that you are worried about moving house, you should give CamdenRemovals a call. They gave me some amazing advice on how to prepare, and when it came to the removal itself, they made light work of what I thought was going to be a tough job! Everything arrived at the new place in one piece, and I was very impressed with how easily everything went ahead. You can't put a price on safety and security, but they do, and it's not that high either! Excellent value for money, and really sound people, I was very happy indeed.
Trevor Owens
06Apr 2014
The removal man that I hired from CamdenRemovals was truly excellent and he made my moving day really easy for me and my family. Not only did I have lots of belongings to move, but I also had lots of furniture and some very grumpy children! My mover took everything in his stride though, and gave a great level of service that really saved the day. Nothing went missing, nothing got broken, the prices were excellent and there were no surprise costs at the end of the day! A friendly and professional service that I'd use again! Thanks for the help!
Ellie Ross
27Mar 2014
I was moving after my divorce and had a lot of year's worth of belongings to go with me. My Dad had used a firm who he was pleased with and told me their number. I called them and arranged a date for a quote and from there it just went so well. The cost they told me was fair, and the date was great. The team turned up on time to start the packing. The next day it was all loaded on to the truck and delivered to my new place and then unloaded with care into my new home. Basically it just went exceptionally well. Thanks.
Jack Brown
07Jan 2014
Essentially, moving house is something that people tend to avoid unless they really have or want to. Obviously there are more factors than the actual moving part, but Imo pretty sure that if moving house was easy and cheap, people would do it a lot more often. For our recent move, we used CamdenRemovals and I found them to be both easy and cheap! Not to say that we'll be moving soon because of it, but they really were great value and I would certainly recommend them.
Mark Carter
06Dec 2013
Having used various removals companies in the past I was really happy with the performance that I got from CamdenRemovals. They were not as expensive as others that I have used previously, but were much better! The team just seemed like really nice people to have around, all switched on and skilled in what they were doing, it was great! I felt like they well deserved the fee at the end of the job, which was rare, as I usually feel totally ripped off!
Donald Todd
14Nov 2013
CamdenRemovals hit the nail on the head when it comes to great service for a great price. I was extremely pleased at how well they dealt with our move, but also how well they dealt with us as people... Some removals companies are a bit strange to talk to, as they are focused on the business. That is all fair enough, but it was nice to have a chat and a laugh with the team, and the personable aspect made the whole thing a lot more relaxed, as it was almost like moving house with your mates!
Angus P.
29Oct 2013
CamdenRemovals helped with our recent house move, and I am happy to say that I was extremely impressed with how well the whole thing went. There is not a lot that I could have asked more of them, as it seems that they covered all of the bases that they needed to. The move went by without a hitch, and everything felt quick and easy, as it was all so organized. The staff were very nice to deal with, and everyone got along fine. All in all, nothing could really have gone better in my book, so thanks!
Richard Davies
16Oct 2013
I would like to extend thanks and admiration for the people who helped us move house. I am quite an elderly man, and I had no one around to help out with the move, so I was pleased to find that CamdenRemovals were on hand to make everything a little easier for me. I was certainly a bit concerned that I would not have the strength nor the patience to deal with the move, but it was all fine in the end thanks to this removals company. I would recommend them most highly, many thanks to all who helped me.
Terry Stamp